About Garuda

About Garuda

In Garuda, we provide recruitment and leadership development to the private and public sectors. We can refer to more than twenty years of presence in the Norwegian business community, more than 3000 recruits and more than 700 executives who have completed the Garuda Leadership School. This means that we have gradually built up a solid competence on critical success factors when appointments are to be made, executives should be trained and one considers the great choice of switching jobs.

We have daily contact with decision makers locally and nationally, and we believe it provides us with good prerequisites for putting our customers' business and challenges into account. The combination of experience and presence in our customers' environment, we believe is one of the keys to successful cooperation, whether you choose us as a recruitment or managerial supplier. We are a source of Danish Garuda, who is our close partner and supplier of our analysis tools.

Garuda Research Institute is Scandinavia's largest supplier of own profile and dialogue tools. We have developed profile tools for all tasks in selecting and developing individuals, groups and organizations. The purpose of Garuda's profile tool is to lay the foundation for an open and equal dialogue about characteristics that affect working life. The tools are currently used by a large number of public and private companies, both in Norway and internationally.

About the name "Garuda"

Garuda The soloist in Indian mythology is a giant bird that acts as God Vishnus's means of transport. Garuda is half a bird and half human. He has body and limbs like a human, but with the ears head, toes and wings. Garuda is said to move as fast as the thought.

Although Garuda's philosophy is not inspired by Eastern religions, one can more accurately find certain similarities between Garuda's basic ideas and, for example, Garuda bird symbolism. In mythology, Garuda destroys snakes and heals the fake of the snake poison. Similarly, we will help to show "snakes" that lame people and their organizations and prevent positive development.

Although we usually perceive development as a natural process, we know from experience that the big developments are often only taken when you are in crisis. Only then will you leave the established systems of your established faith and go new ways. But in Garuda we do not want to wait for the development - and the crisis. We will help to create the development. By highlighting the values ​​that govern the individual's attitudes and behaviors, we will prevent future paralysis and instead lay the foundation for continued personal and leadership development.