Focus profile


The focus profile lets you uncover a person's focus and chart the types of tasks that the individual employee desires - and is best. It provides the basis for a qualified and constructive dialogue about motivation, responsibility, challenges and development opportunities, and helps people achieve greater well-being and success at work. In addition to selecting and gathering the right people to solve specific tasks, one of the manager's most important tasks is to ensure that the right employees focus on the right areas. The FocusProfil also contains a number of modules that can be used in team building and personal development, including Mirror Profile, Team Profile, Job Requirements Profile, etc. The focus profile can be used by persons who complete a 2 day user course.


64 questions
Completed in about 15 min
4 features / focus corners
Print contains:
Graphic profile
interpretation Text
statements Analysis
The software contains:
Person Profile Module, Job Requirements Module,
Mirror Profile Module, Development Profile,
Dream Job Profile


The focus profile is developed on the basis of the Focus Model based on the theory that in each department or group, four basic functions must be performed to ensure that things work. Four areas as an individual can focus more or less on. The model is simple and easy to understand, thus helping to create a common language and a common understanding at all levels of the organization.

This gives you an easily understandable overview of how the focus is on the four areas - and an optimal starting point for a dialogue about tasks, competence and development. Factors that leads to the formulation and successful implementation of strategies, changes, innovations and the development of innovative power.


With the basic profile you can create a person profile drawn according to the respondent's response regarding your own behavior. This can be combined with the person's assessment of how they are perceived by others (ego mirrors). Using the statement analysis, the user's training can clarify which areas to cover during the conversation.

GarudaProfile: A strong tool for recruitment and leadership development
The Garuda Profile is a concentrated version of the qualification profile that also reveals 16 personality features - but it takes one hour to complete the proficiency profile. The Garuda profile can be completed in 20 minutes. Based on a questionnaire with 128 statements, the Garuda profile gives you a graphical overview of personal skills and experiences. In addition, you will get suggestions for interpretations, as well as a number of analytical facilities that will help you qualify the dialogue in connection with, among other things, recruitment and leadership development.
During recruitment, with the GarudaProfil, you will get the opportunity to prepare job vacancies, screen candidates, and ask targeted and qualified questions for a job interview - so you get a solid foundation to assess who is the right candidate for the job.