Know your organization

Know your organization

There are many advantages to using a Garuda profile tool in recruitment processes. You will have an adequate and legal basis for evaluating and comparing candidates from. And you get an effective dialogue tool that qualifies a call and lets you go targeted to highlight all aspects of the candidate that are relevant to the given position.

Based on a personal profile prepared by example: The proficiency profile gives you and the candidate a common language and a frame of reference that makes it possible to have a thorough interview about qualifications and professional skills, personal skills and preferences. You may ask about aspects of the candidate's PersonProfil that you otherwise could not know, it is relevant to talk about; Relationships that may be of great importance in the long run. For example, whether the candidate will respond under pressure if he or she manages to make difficult decisions or whether there is a match between the candidate's expectations and aspirations and what the position actually offers.


It may be a challenge to override their own professionalism, expectations and subjective preferences when considering candidates in a recruiting situation - even during a recruitment interview. Garuda's profile tools can not only help create understanding of the candidates, but also in your personal profile and your own personal skills. With the profile tools, you can therefore better evaluate candidates as objectively as possible, for their own reasons, regardless of who and how you are and what your personal attitude is to each applicant.


In addition to insight into the candidates and your own personality, Garuda's profile tool gives you insight into your organization and helps you answer questions like "What specific needs are in the organization / department?" And "what profiles do we need?