The purpose

The purpose of Garuda's analysis tools is:

• Uncovering the human resources that are important for work success
• To create dialogues around how to utilize the best possible skills in working life
• To create open and equal communication
• To create job satisfaction, quality of life and value growth for the organization and employees

With Garuda's profile tools, you can draw a desired team profile based on team requirements, team features to be performed and the profiles you think are best able to perform functions. Let the potential candidates for the team complete a Focus Profile and compare the profiles with each other and with Team Profile. Thus you can reveal how the individual personals fit together and complement each other - and if they match what you want from the given team, the tasks the team will solve as well as the results are expected.

• A team of profiles with professional skills and personal skills complements each other, profiles that have knowledge of and understanding of each other's differences and which, in accordance with the requirements set for the given team, will have good prerequisites for effective cooperation and delivery the expected results.