Test or conversation

Test or conversation?

Garuda's tools are not closed psychological tests, but analysis and conversation tools that add to openness in both analyzes and conversations.
We are convinced that the individual's desire and motivation to work with personal development is crucial for a positive outcome.

Therefore, we believe it is important to be open about the analysis's methods and results, as well as to communicate this in an understandable and everyday language. As a continuous communication model, Garuda Head-Heart-Bone model. The simple and educational structure of the model makes the analytical results understandable and trustworthy.

Garuda's analysis tools are developed as dialogs, and the results of the analysis should always be followed up with a conversation. This in order for the analytical results to be verified and for both parties to get the optimal yield of the process.

Certification of Garuda's testing tool

We certify anyone who wants more skills within the HR tool in Garuda's testing tools, either through open courses or as a customized course internally in your company. That way, you can use Garuda's analysis tools, either through an annual license agreement, or through random purchases. Agreements with licenses and purchase of analyzes are via Garuda Research Institute in Denmark. The analyzes come in different languages.

Garuda Profile Tools has been developed and updated by Garuda Research Institute, which has the founder and owner Finn Havaleschka, cand.scient.pol. (Ph.D.), at the forefront. Garuda Research Institute was established in 1982 with the purpose of researching and developing tools that companies can employ when hiring new employees. Finn Havaleschka and Garuda Research Institute have worked with recruitment from a psychological and managerial perspective. Several of the tools developed by the Garuda Research Institute are used by HR departments in some of the world's largest companies.

In Norway Garuda was established as an independent company, and is still. We build our philosophy of recruitment and leadership development on Danish Garuda's principles, but are otherwise an independent business. Finn Havaleschka has been in charge of the development of Garuda's conversational tools, and he is still pursuing efforts to further develop the tools of Garuda Research Institute Denmark.