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Recruitment with positive results

"It's not about what you can, but how to use your knowledge and skills"

On social media, it is easy to find CVs and chart the candidate's education and experience. What is often demanding is to get to know the candidate's personal qualities and how the candidate is able to use his / her knowledge and skills in interaction with other people. In a good recruitment process, we will be in a real and good way to take care of both the candidate and the client's needs.

Creating values ​​through people requires commitment and competence. We need to understand our client's needs when we recruit for them. In cooperation with the customer, each recruitment starts with a thorough preparation of a requirement specification for the position. This is essential for a good employment, this is where we clarify expectations about education, experience, background and characteristics. A good requirement specification will ensure that the company's resource requirements are consistent with the job description. For lasting and positive results in recruitment, we actively use our experience and expertise in combination with Garuda's profile tools. We are an honest sparring partner for our partners and candidates. We emphasize a structured and rational workform with clearly defined methods, resource usage and schedule for each single assignment.

Most of our customers choose to combine active search ads. This implies that Garuda, in addition to announcing the position, actively seeks the market and network for the best candidates. Garuda's profile tools and personality tests make it easier to identify and formulate just the personal skills that your business or organization needs. Garuda's profile tools thus provide a better foundation for effective recruitment, for the benefit of both HR department, employees, managers and candidates.

Garuda's profile tool for recruitment is based on Head-Heart Bone ™ model. The model gives the organization a common language and allows constructive dialogue and discussion about personal preferences and academic prerequisites. Thus, assessment of needs and requirements that are actually related to the job vacancy and to the person to be employed - can be done in a community. Having a common language for personal skills dialogue is also a great help for employee development.