Onboarding, or introductory program for new employees, is a term used to ensure a holistic process to give new employees the best possible start-up in their new working environment.

Through the recruitment process, employer and Garuda are looking for the best candidate. To the candidates, we describe the position, work tasks, working environment and colleagues as thoroughly as possible and draw a picture of what goals and results are expected. Onboarding is an important part of the recruitment process and begins well before the employee has his first day at work and lasts beyond the probationary period.

Onboarding is often described as the first step in the Talent Management process (attracting, developing and retaining employees), and the first impressions the employee receives from his new workplace lasts a long time. It is expected that the new employee shows enthusiasm and shows his best from day one, and then the organization to start up must do the same and be well prepared and the leaders take ownership of onboarding.

Research shows that socialization techniques provide positive results for new employees - including better job performance, higher job satisfaction, greater commitment and loyalty. When the employee receives the necessary information, knowledge and guidance as well as becomes socialized systematically, they become more efficient members of the organization and insiders.

Garuda helps you tailor a thorough and customized onboarding system tailored to your organization.