Outplacement and Management for hire


During notification and staffing, Garuda can be a consultant and supplier to our customers. Outplacement can be granted as part of a final package by staffing / termination. We have delivered outplacement for more than twenty years. Our experience is that outplacement creates security, provides competence boost and support, through specific training, for the affected employee. Outplacement consists of competence mapping; interview training and job seek help. We make arrangements for a solution for the individual in which the planned progress / project is agreed in advance. Our experience is that this helps the employee to get a faster and more constructive way forward to a new job after having been through a notification or downsizing.

Management for hire

Management for hire can be both an alternative and a supplement to recruitment: A good solution for a company if you need access on a type of competence in a limited time frame. Garuda has people in their network who have the professionalism of working as consultants, and therefore have good training quickly getting into businesses to solve the tasks that follow from the role or either as a specialist or at a management level. Please talk to us for advice on specifying and defining the need you have and duration for any assignment.

Garuda candidate rating

Candidate rating is an offer to businesses wishing to implement parts of the recruitment processes themselves and who sees the value of drawing a third party's neutral assessment to strengthen the decision base when the right person is to be hired.

The purpose of candidate assessment is to elucidate the candidates' personal qualities in relation to the tasks the person is to perform in the position.
Candidate assessment consists of Garuda competence profile, depth interview and reference check of current candidates, and background check of candidates. This is an independent 3rd party verification of the information provided by the candidate. Written report is sent from Garuda to the principal.