References and CV


Many of our clients want discretion and therefore choose a hidden search processes.
We work for a wide range of businesses and have a good network in the various industries that are represented in East and West Norway.
To learn more about our experience, and for specific references, please contact us.

If you would like to consider new career opportunities or apply for one of our positions, feel free to contact us. Either directly to one of our company advisors, or by registering your resume in our base. Registering your CV can be seen as an investment in a good CV template, also for later use. It can be updated and retrieved from your personal profile whenever you want, without Garuda being involved. The service is provided by Webcruiter.

We are constantly posting new exciting vacancies. Follow here to keep track of what vacancies are available at any time. Remember that you must submit a CV to apply for our vacancies.

Do you want us to help your company fill a vacancy? Do not hesitate to contact us.