Team Development

Team Development

A mentor is a confidential conversation partner and supervisor. The person who sees a need for a mentor may face particular challenges in his/hers job or wish to establish such a relationship to safeguard personal growth and professional coaching outside his/hers own company. It is a basic condition for successful team composition and development that you understand and accept that people have different personal skills and focus. Diversity is a resource that can and should be exploited. Garuda has several years of experience in mentoring. We are always available to be asked to take such a role.

With Garuda's profile tools and personality tests, we visualize the various personality profiles in an organization and team. Thus, you can reveal why it can be difficult for some people to communicate with each other and work together when delivering good results in other contexts. Often you will see that collaboration problems can be traced back to fundamental differences in individuals' personal profiles, personal skills and focus. Using Garuda's tools, you can put together project groups, as well as develop talent and teams to optimize collaboration and results.

Garuda's profile tools help to provide the individual employee with insights into their own and others' profile and may be necessary, thus creating new opportunities for constructive and positive team development. Often one will find that a profile is not optimal for the job to be. Adjustments and role changes may occur in the group to assessed for possible misplacement, as well as helping the employee to develop and adjust its focus.

Team development with Garuda's profiled tools is usually based on the Focus model that is easy to communicate and can be used at all levels of the organization. The model serves as a basis for a structured dialogue on personal competence and can be used to illustrate how the individual's focus can be adapted to the situation, the team, the environment, the context, the job, the responsibility, etc.

With a basic profile at Garuda, it is a type indicator that shows which functions and tasks the individual employee prefers and focuses on in his daily work. This coverage of the employee's personal focus is a starting point for a positive and constructive dialogue about motivation, responsibility, challenges and development opportunities and helps people achieve greater well-being and success at work.

Thus, with the basic profile, you can create workgroups with individuals if different focus areas complement each other, as well as analyze and optimize collaborations in a group.